Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How I'm Still Alive

As you read the posts on this blog you've probably wondered how I manage to get anything done being such a drunk. Well, I'll tell you.

Here are my top methods for pulling yourself together when you're hungover:

1. GT Dave's Kombucha (Original Flavor)

"Living Food for the Living Body." Ok, sounds kind of stupid but this shit really works. It makes you feel like you've slept an extra three hours. I reccomend the Original Flavor because I believe you have to suffer through the ones that taste the worst because they are the most effective. Not that bad once you get used to it, kind of tastes like hard cider with floaties. Good enough for Lindsey Lohan!
You can get it at: Whole Foods

2. Maine Squeeze Juice Bar, Portland ME.
This guy's got what you need to help recover. I suggest starting with a ginger shot to calm your stomach, and then the "Belly Pleaser" - parsley, spinach, bananas, mango, soy milk, cider, and dates. I know that greasy food seems appealing when you're hungover, but that shit will just make you feel worse.

3. Water
Drink tons of it. I don't have to tell you why, right?

4. Zico
Pure coconut water, available in three flavors. I like the regular coconut, ice cold. It has a nice effect if you shotgun it, aiding heavily for re-hydration.
You can get it at: The Cheese Iron and One Fifty Ate

5. Pho
Nothing better than hot, spicy broth to bring you back to life.
I reccomend Thanh Thanh 2 on Forest Ave. in Portland for the beef-based broths, and if you prefer chicken got to Huong's on Cumberland Ave. - Also in Portland.

6. Weed
This can go either way for me. Sometimes, depending on the quality, it makes everything better. Othertimes, it makes me kind of ill.
You can get it from: Let me Know

7. The combination of a green tea, a beer, and a water.
Perfect. Now we're back on track!

8. Exercise
If you can muster enough energy without vomiting, this is truly the only way to completely banish a hangover from your system. God it sucks, though..

9. Not getting shit-faced, passing out on a friend's couch/bed, not having any water to wake up and drink, and falling asleep with my contact lenses in.
I usually feel alot better if I don't do all of these things at once.

10. Hair of the Dog
The quick fix that's guaranteed to leave your day in shambles!

Well, there you go. Ten ways to help you cope with your drinking habit.



  1. #11; Sneaking out before papa bear can pour a tequila down your throat as if he were feeding a baby bird.(I've got an animal reference for ya.)

  2. I have always wondered how you say so youthful, and wrinkle free!

    Just went and had the Pho for the first time because of this post. phocking wonderful! Thanks, don't know how it took me this long to try it.

  3. Hell yes, pho is good, cheap food for the soul. Used to have a bowl of rare beef pho every Saturday for lunch because it rocks so hard.