Friday, October 8, 2010

We have a lot of catching up to do, you and I...

To make up for my lack of posting I’ve decided to include several pictures of this summer’s highlights, beginning with a video from a campaign fundraiser for my friend Alex Steed that my friend Drew and I cooked for out in Cornish, Maine at Krista’s Restaurant. It is one of the last pieces of video footage featuring the enormous sideburns that always reminded me of seventies porn bush adorning the sides of my face.

Champagne & Caviar Night

photos by Drew Seaman

Six of us get together with 12 bottles of Non-Vintage Champagne to see which one reigns supreme. To accompany this we purchase 7.5 oz of assorted caviar that we serve with proper garnish, and eventually begin smearing on Papa John’s Pizza later that evening, which was decadent and delicious…

Taco Night

I wasn’t letting the summer go by without a proper taco night, and though a little less epic than the last one, it was no less delicious. Carnitas tacos with all the fixings’, served alongside Goya Mexican rice, spicy black beans, and corn on the grill with crema and coteja cheese. To wash this down I got a bottle of Don Julio 1942, to this day the best tequila I’ve ever had.

Goodfellas Night

My friend Bill is as obsessed with Goodfellas as I am, so to celebrate his birthday we all dressed up appropriately, cooked food from the movie, played bocce, and drank heavily. To enhance the mood I located every single track featured in the movie, and played them in correct order. Yes, I’m a little bit of a psycho.

Camp Awesome

photos by Katie Schier and Jamie O'Sullivan

Personally, I hate camping and everything camping-related, But when I got drunk and agreed to join my friends at their annual Camp Awesome excursion, they weren’t about to let me back out. By drinking six bottles of Broadbent vinho verde and eating some pretty great food prepared by Joel and Eric, I was able to persevere and make it through one grueling night in the wilderness. I slept for 16 hours when I got back.

Re-discovering one of my favorite California wine makers

I used to drink Sean Thackrey wines when I lived in Chicago several years back, and had been very disappointed when I learned they were unavailable in Maine. I’ve since found a few bottles through a friend and they are just as great as I remembered them to be, and good enough to deserve mention as a highlight of my summer. Someone is actually making Rhone style wine from California that has great acidity and terroir, who knew?

Lastly, I will let you know that this Sunday will be the second annual Portland Food Coma Pumpkin Beer Tasting. As you know, I absolutely despise pumpkin beer, so the results of this torture will be posted next week.

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  1. Imperial Pumpkin Ale--Weyerbacher
    Pumpking--Southern Tier

    Mind you, I don't drink beer, but these have gotten some very good ratings from a few beer queens I know.