Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tuna Head at Miyake

Last Night, Five of my lucky friends were treated to an extra-special treat along with their tasting menus at Miyake: A whole, slow roasted Bluefin Tuna head. We had got the whole fish in the day prior, and Masa had asked me if I thought anyone would enjoy eating the entire head as a family-style dish. Are you fucking kidding me? Who WOULDN'T want to tear this up?

Masa slow roasted it for almost three hours.

We presented it to the table, and the rest of the dining room, in a ridiculous manner. The head was then taken back and Masa separated the meat onto serving platters, with a creamy ponzu dipping sauce. Eating Tuna in this way is not unlike eating delicious and fatty pork ribs, falling off the bone.

You can now start with the "Tuna Head" Jokes...


  1. You're killing me. I was sitting at the sushi bar at Yosaku last night (Black Cod app tremendous; sushi just okay), and at one point said -- aloud, so there are the witnesses -- that we shoulda gone to Miyake. Fuck me!

  2. Great Post,the big thing now is roasting tuna collars.