Friday, September 18, 2009

New Tattoo

The Bacon Cross From Hell.
by Gemma Hancock.


  1. Bacon...
    The Gateway meat... Fat Man's Jell-O..

    and now your tramp stamp. it's brilliant!

  2. Wow, I just stared at the top of your ass crack for entirely too long. I am questioning everything I know about the world now.

  3. That's kind of intense. And I like your tape suspenders.

  4. Yeah - Your ass crack is definitely - DEFINITELY - mesmerizing in an unsettling way.

  5. Ugh, I hope you're in the mood to tear up a PPH food review- this one is terrible:

    "We are like the shepherds of Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast of central Italy, consoled by this spicy pasta dish after watching over their flocks in high meadows. Living in an economic landscape of precipitous declines, we need some plated courage to face the future."


  6. Hey Joe, I looked at that idiot on escoffiereatsportland and had to reply against my better judgment. Since he is probably too cowardly to post it wanted to let you know I did:
    "You are a piece of work. Try actually using the truth. I can tell you from actually being part of this town, that we look to support and enhance one another, not tear each other down. This kind of blatant abhorrence for people who are doing their best to give to this economy and be part of the Maine food scene will not tolerate you. Enjoy your anonymity, coward. Joe Ricchio has the balls to put himself out there, and the rest of us in your posts have our whole livelihoods hanging out and for good or bad, we own up to them and work them to the bone. "