Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten Things to Eat in Portland 2009

Sometimes you just have no time or patience for being disappointed...
These are my go-to meals:

1. Mountaineer's Plate - Tu Casa
2. Pho Ga - Huong's
3. Fried Chicken w/ Fried Yuca - Bodega Latina
4. Beef Pho # 7 - Thanh Thanh 2
5. Double Double Cheeseburger - Hot Suppa
6. Chicken Tikka w/ Ceylonese Korma Sauce - Haggarty's
7. Enchilada Salvadorenas w/ Tongue - Tu Casa
8. Dessert - Bresca
9. Sweet N' Salty Sweetbreads - Hugo's
10. Beef on Wick - One Fifty Ate


  1. Thank you. I haven't been to the Bodega in yearrrrrs!

  2. So many good foods....

  3. Henry VIII's roast beef sandwich. Always legit.

  4. Great list! Nice to see these places get some online play. I'd add anything at Asmara and the goat dish from the Halal market at Congress and St John. The soups at Loco Pollo seem on the fast track, but its too soon to say for sure.

  5. I like Asmara and also, yes, Loco Pollo does a kick-ass Pozole. My only issue is that I think they should use a less-lean cut of pork, as it tends to dry out in the soup. The broth is spot on though....

  6. nigiri @ miyake. soft tofu stew @ happy teriyaki. papaya king. fries @ duckfat.......

  7. I felt exactly the same about the pozole. Great flavors, needs fattier pork.

    Nice to see you this morning!

  8. PS someone told me asmara closed? is this true?

  9. Not sure about Asmara. There are a million new African restaurants that i need to try at some point. Also, I've heard good things about the soft tofu stew at Happy Teryaki. Think I'll go for lunch today. And yes, Masa Miyake has never diasppointed with anything. Papaya King... mmmm... late night...

  10. Asmara is open - i ate there on Saturday. They replaced the booths with tables and replaced the "unity platter" with a "vegetarian feast".

  11. has anyone ever tried the pulled pork and queso quesadilla at amigos.... thats my favorite anytime food. turn it into a deep fried chimichanga in case of a hangover......